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Language Apps For Kids Like DuoLingo App Can Fight Alzheimer’s

By on April 1, 2017
language apps for kids

We moved to a new country recently and while I was busy looking for language apps for kids, something very interesting came to my attention. The principal at the kids school, told me that it was best that the kids did not give up on the language they already know while getting used to another completely new language.

This is precisely what we decided to follow. According to studies, kids who know more than one language are able to stay clear of Alzheimer’s disease when they grow old. While kids find it very easy to develop language skills easier than adults, it is important that parents nurture this skill when they are young.

There are several language apps for kids that can help in achieving this. Today our concentration is on DuoLingo. This is one of the most common language apps for kids and adults that you will find on your play store or on the app store. DuoLingo is very easy to use and parents find that the entire process of getting kids interested in learning a language is made user-friendly with this app.


language apps for kids duoling


Kids use language apps for kids to be able to have fun while they learn. They do not like the usual monotone that most language software teaches. The language apps for kids that have a very interesting and fun interface are the one that kids vote for. The reason why DuoLingo is our recommended choice is because the app makes it very user-friendly and allows for incentives when a level is completed.

Kids who use this app find that they are able to unlock new levels like they would in a game of angry birds. Language apps for kids can be used by schools as well to help kids gain authority over a new language or at least get started on helping kids gain interest in learning new languages.

It is never too early to start teaching your kids new languages. Trying to use new words from different languages while kids are growing will help them gain confidence in their communication in a few languages. The casual learning environment that language apps for kids provide is a great way to start. Rather than forcing sentences on kids, it’s always easier to use these language apps for kids to teach them one word at a time and then use the words in sequence. Whether you choose DuoLingo or any other language apps for kids, make sure that the expectations are reasonable when it comes to the learning capabilities of your kids.



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