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Why Children Must Sleep In Their Own Bed – FamilyBed Problems

By on July 18, 2014

Recently, I spoke to my daughter’s teacher about how well our kids were growing up and getting to sleep in their own bed rooms. We went on to discuss how I had to talk to her and coax her along with heavy bribes to encourage her to get started. She complained about how she couldn’t get to convince her son otherwise no matter what.

While I walked back to my car, it got me thinking about why we put ourselves in the situation of not getting our kids to sleep in their own bed rooms, in the first place. As soon as I reached home, I reached for the phone and spoke to as many mums as I could to understand how they dealt with the issue of getting their kids to sleep in their own bed rooms, and when.

A broader study on the internet showed that over 8,207 infants died in their sleep between 2004 and 2012. (read more about SIDS) And 74 percent of those deaths were because they shared beds with their parents. Shocking.

I even managed to pull up studies that showed that parents managed to share their bed with their kids atleast once in two weeks. Some parents just didn’t mind or see anything wrong with the entire practice of not having their kids sleep in their own bed rooms.

Most parents save themselves the trouble of having to wake up at night by letting their kids sleep with them than sleep in their own bed. Before they know it, its become a practice and a traumatic one to break for both mother and child AND spouse.

So what happens with the relationship with the spouse? Some spouses even admitted to the fact that they have gotten so used to sleeping away from their wives that they don’t know how comfortable they would be to get back to sleeping cuddled up.

This leaves us with a bigger question on if this is how life begins to change after marriage and kids?

Can making children sleep in their own bed rooms fix this?

Looking back at my own life, I started observing sleep positions of how my husband and slept when we started going out and how we sleep now.

We have obviously gotten comfortable with the fact that we can sleep without an arm and leg entwined (the little things that used to make us smile when we woke up)

Time for a fix!

So while I go back to looking for ways to break the bed sharing habit and getting our kids to sleep in their own bed rooms and looking for ways to reinstate the “arm-pillows” have fun watching this video and come back tomorrow for some more!

About Bonnie Cuttle

Being a mum can prove to challenge your other relationships in some ways. We are inspired enough to reach to mums who need that extra boost of encouragement on those helpless days. Lets work together on how to live a balanced and positive life!

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