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How Watching Tamil TV Serials Affects Families

By on January 22, 2014
Watching tamil tv serials

Walk into a home in Chennai and you wont be surprised to see the womenfolk sit in front of the television glued to the screen watching tamil tv serials, while chopping vegetables and munching on savories. Almost everyone and everything takes the backseat when it comes to spending time in front of the television watching Tamil tv serials online.

There are many young adults who find it ridiculous to see their mothers weeping and sobbing in front of the television watching tamil tv serials, because a character has been thrown out of the home. Ask them why they waste their time watching tamil tv serials which are corny; they’d probably tell you that relating to them is so much easier. In reality, watching tamil tv serials clouds our feelings about the over-exagerated situations. Feeding the imagination of people to create problems in their mind even though the probability of it happening is quite impossible.

Try watching tamil tv serials for half an hour with the volume completely down and you’ll probably be bored to death just watching expressions of each and every character. What’s worse? The entire dialogue spoken is not more than 500 words per episode!

Why else wouldn’t these serials run 600 and 700 episodes!? Unlike the western sitcoms and serials, most of the Tamil serials have nothing but the usual drama of living in joint families and the problems that it could bring. The information, research and educational quality of these serials are not something that you can even telecast around children and teenagers. They probably will not learn much or learn something that is completely wrong and impractical.

If women take to watching tamil tv serials between 7:00PM to 11:00PM, then where do families get to spend their qualitative time together? Dinners become a TV affair and the dining table becomes a clutter for packs of chips and snacks. While trying to maintain the culture and tradition of the society, maybe we should try and practice spending qualitative time as a family and set aside dinner times for a good hour of connecting with family first.

Here are things you can do other than watching tamil tv serials

  • Get children to be involved in household chores so they feel a part of the family
  • Have an early dinner
  • Get to spend time during dinner and understand what is happening in each others lives
  • Use the time to come up with solutions to a problem that one of you might be facing at work or school
  • Get to spend time as a couple alone
  • Take a walk after dinner
  • Set appropriate television times and programs that can be enjoyed as a family

Our opinion is not that its the worst thing to do. But watching tamil tv serials in moderation might help. And hey! they relecast these during the day and on weekends. So maybe a couple of hours watching tamil tv serials during the day or on the weekend wont hurt as much. Just our thought!

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