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Tips On How To Choose The Right Spin Bike For Home Use

By on March 4, 2015
spin bike for home

Choosing the right spin bike for home use can be a challange if you dont know what to look for.

Spinning bikes are very similar in their appearance to exercise bikes. They are divided into two different categories. A bike, which is used for spinning, has different seating, handle bar positioning and pedaling characteristics. The designs of the spin bikes are ergonomic and have good safety features for users that will help in preventing injury.

Different kinds of people find spin bikes to be a more versatile option because of its difficulty adjustment features. People who like to exercise at home feel that a spin bike for home use is best for their routines. Cyclists, who enjoy cycling outdoors, find that they can get an equally beneficial workout when they spin at home with their spin bikes.

When buying a spin bike for home use, you should look for bikes that are the best when it comes to moving it around or storing it. Spin bikes that are light are easy to move around when you are cleaning or even if you want to store them away for later use.

Bikes that are used at exercise studios are very expensive but can be used at home as well as they offer a great user experience. The parts of a good spin bike are very durable and the quality of the welding is also stable. The overall finish of good bikes is also favorable.

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying a spin bike for home use:

Resistance Levels

If it weren’t for the resistance levels, a spin bike would look exactly like a normal bike. You can get a good workout when you use the resistance levels on the spin bike effectively. A model, which is cheap, will have very few resistance levels. It is worth spending extra money and buying a good quality bike that is better in quality and gives you a tougher workout. The bikes that have higher resistance levels will also be able to handle the wear and tear that comes with using the spin spike everyday. At the end of the day, you want value for money and durability when you choose a bike, a slightly expensive bike with good resistance levels will last you a good many years and give you a challenge.

Durability And Build

In general, spin bikes are durable and strong, especially the bikes that are built for commercial use. These bikes usually cost over $1000 and are completely worth it. When you choose the cheaper bikes, their durability will always come into question. The build will also not be sturdy. The chances of falling prey to an injury or breaking down the bike itself is high with cheaper models. This is definitely not something you want to risk especially when your safety is in question. Therefore, a better-built spin bike might be the right answer to your spinning needs.


The more advanced spin bikes come with a wonderful LCD panel for its console. These consoles allow the users to see their progress as they are spinning. This is a further motivation to work out faster and harder. Some users, might not prefer the LCD console however, these are a great option for people who strive on breaking their own records.


Good spinning bikes have different adjust levels for its seat and its handlebars. This allows the users to be able to adjust the bike to their own custom comfort levels. This reduces injuries that can be associated with posture or height. Spinners should set a level for their seats and handlebars to a comfortable riding level. Adjusting the arm lengths of the handlebars can ease the pressure on the back and give the spinner a sense of comfort when spinning. Seat adjustments ensure that the feet are well secured and do not cause injuries. Exercising in comfort is very important to spinners who want to continue spinning without landing in problems.


Choose the spin bike that you can easily accommodate in your home. There are different sizes of spin bikes that are available in the market. However, it is important to choose a spin bike for the space that you can accommodate it in your home. If you buy a spin bike that’s too big, it can become difficult to use or even store in your home. Therefore, the size of the bike you purchase is a very important feature you need to consider before investing in a spin bike.

Flywheels Sizes 

The most important cost-defining factor in the spin bike is the size of the flywheel. When you look at the more expensive spin bikes, their flywheels are a lot larger. This ensures that the ride is smooth and more simulated to feel like on-road riding. Less expensive spin bikes have smaller flywheels. If the smoothness of the ride is what you are looking for, then buying a bike with larger flywheels is the one to choose.


Many people take the pedals of the bike for granted. However, it is one of the most important safety features that you need to look for in a spin bike. The straps on the pedals make sure that you are safe from any toe and ankle injuries while spinning. The straps keep the feet firmly in one place. Some users find the straps to be very uncomfortable, however, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, all safety aspects of the bike need to be assessed before choosing any spin bike. Good bikes have toe cages to avoid any slipping.

Extra Features

Some extra features that come with a spin bike are the water bottle holders that many users find convenient. It is important to keep hydrated while spinning. Therefore, a water bottle holder might just be handy for those who like to keep sipping while spinning.

Wheels at the bottom of the spin bike that help with the mobility of the bike is a feature that people like if they stow away their spin bikes after use. While most people just leave their spin bikes in the same place, some people prefer to stow them away when not in use. This helps people who move around a lot or who like to keep their exercise areas clutter free.


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