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7 Ways to Treat a Headache without Painkillers

By on April 11, 2017

More than half the population at any given time suffer from headaches. Headaches are one the first symptoms for any ailment in the body. When you get a headache, it simple means that your body is trying to tell you something. It would be wise to listen and treat the under lying cause and not the symptom.

People who don’t realize this, pop painkillers and become host to a whole range of different side effects that come with it. Most often, addiction to painkillers is also a risk that you should worry about when you take a painkiller.

So, what would you do if you have a headache that you just want gone immediately? Here are a few tips that you can try to treat the underlying cause for the headache. These are tested and tried by many people are is one suggested by a panel of doctors.

  1. Thumb to Toe

Reflexology is a study where pressure points are targeted to relieve pain. The part of the body that is responsible for curbing headaches is the big toe. Walking your thumb over your big toe from the top to bottom and back again is one that is known to resolve headaches.

  1. Balls in a sock

Put two balls on two ends of a sock and put it behind your head and lie on them. The balls should be placed where the head meets you neck. Nod your head to touch your chin to your chest. This will help in soothing the muscles that cause tension related headaches.

  1. Water

Dehydration is one the top reasons why most people get headaches. Keeping yourself hydrated with at least 2 litres of water a day is the number one solution to avoiding dehydration headaches and other issues.

  1. Food

So you’re hungry. Another reason why headaches prevail is because people often forget to eat. Timely meals is important to ensure that you are feeding your body with the right things to survive and live on. Eat a piece of fruit if you are not too hungry either.

  1. Cayenne pepper

Have a cup of tea with cayenne pepper in it. Or have any food with lots of spice. Our article on spicy food and its amazing benefits is perfect for those who want to know the awesome benefits of spice and peppers. Medical journals state that peppers are now used as effective ingredients to help with pain. Give it a shot.

  1. Turn off all your devices

Have you been siting in front of the computer and phone for a very long time? The light from your devices are known to cause headaches in people. So take a break a stretch. Drink some water and perhaps grab something spicy to eat and your headache will be all gone by the time you’re done.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary has some wonderful healing properties. Pick a twig of rosemary and crush it with your fingers and inhale the sweet smell. Your headache can also be received if you use rosemary oil in a handkerchief and if you inhale it.

Let us know which one works for you!

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