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Day 5 – Everybody Loves Fridays

By on November 21, 2013

Fridays are wonderful days. I love fridays so much that I wait for it all week. Its the best day of the week if you ask me. All the best shows on TV, time to relax and have a good time and the food specials are way too amazing. So how do you party on a friday night while you’re still on the diet? Heres How!

Early Morning – Within Half An Hour Of Waking

2 Hot glasses of water


Break Fast – 7:30

Sandwich (any without cheese)

Half a Litre of water


Cereal with low fat milk

Half a litre of water



Hand full of nuts (Related Article)

Half a litre of water


Lunch – 12:00

Chicken salad/vegetable salad

Tomato Soup / Clear Chicken Soup

Half a litre water


Grilled Vegetables with Soup on the side

Half a Litre of water


Evening Snack

Handful of nuts (Related Article)

Half a Litre water



Half a litre of water



Anything you like

Half a litre of water

If you are consuming alcohol try and stick to vodka with cranberry juice or wines


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